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Q: How do I pay my annual dues?

A: Each homeowner is responsible for paying their annual dues. Look for the invoice that is emailed during the month of February and follow the instructions to mail your check to the HOA mailing address at

  Pine Lake Estates HOA

  3020 Issaquah-Pine Lake Rd, #565.

  Sammamish, WA 98075

Q: What are some of the things that we should do in the spring to make our places look nicer and prepare for the growing season?


A: Spring & Summer means it’s time to keep yards mowed, hedges trimmed and weeds controlled.  Also keep the front walk clean and free of weeds, please. Each owner is responsible for keeping weeds out of the sidewalk and cleaning clippings and debris in front of their property. This keeps the neighborhood looking well maintained.  Maintenance of exterior hardscape such as light posts, fountains, pedestals and other items are also important to maintain.


Q: Do we have to get approval for painting our house?

A: The Architectural Committee review is required for many types of exterior projects.  These projects include house painting, roof replacement, exterior trim and construction changes and other modifications to the houses.

Q: When is the annual picnic and how can I help?

A: The annual Pine Lake Estates picnic takes place at Ebright Park, generally on the first weekend following Labor Day.  Michelle McGregor and Karen Rollman organize the picnic activities and there is always a need for volunteers to assist.  Please contact Michelle (mmmcgregor@comcast.net) or Karen (Karen@Rollman.org) if you would like to help out.


Q: Am I a member of the Pine Lake Homeowners Association?


A: All homeowners within Pine Lake Estates belong to the PLE Homeowners Association. Each February we conducted our annual homeowners meeting to discuss the budget, community issues and exchange information

Q: Do we have a map of the neighborhood?

Yes, you can see the plat map here on the Landscape Committee section.

Q: What should be done about HOA tree branches hanging over into my property?


A: Many HOA trees grow near homeowners' properties.  Branches and roots on an HOA tree that reach into an owner's yard can be removed up to the property line by the owner at their own expense.  The owner cannot, however, remove branches/roots past the property line or cause significant harm to the tree.   If you are aware of a hazardous HOA tree that you believe to be a possible threat to your property, please contact the HOA board.

Q: How can I set up a login to see the resident directory?

A:  Below are step by step directions for logging into the resident directory. 

  1. At the top of this page, click on the “Resident Directory” link in the black box

  2. On the sign up page type in your email address and create a new password

  3. Next you will see a page stating that your member login request has been sent and is awaiting approval

  4. In a few hours you will get an email saying that you are approved as a site member

  5. This is a onetime approval process and you will not have to repeat these steps in the future

  6. The website is open to the public for viewing, only the resident directory is password protected.

  7. Click on already a member for any future visits to the directory 

Community Contacts

(425) 898-0660

City of Sammamish

(800) 934-6489

Comcast -  Cable TV, Phone & Internet

(425) 313-3200

Eastside Fire & Rescue

(425) 392-5430

Issaquah Library Library

(425) 837-7000

Issaquah School District

(206) 296-4155

King County Police

(425) 837-5700

Pine Lake Middle School

(425) 454-6363

Puget Sound Engery - Electricity & Gas 

(425) 228-6092

Qwest - Phone

(800) 221-4508

Republic Services - Garbage & Recycling

(425) 836-8793

Sammamish Library 

(425) 392-6256

Sammamish Plateau Water and Sewer District 

(425) 392-6434

Sammamish Review & Issaquah Press

(206) 624-7323

Seattle Times

(425) 837-7700

Skyline High School 

(425) 837-7400

Sunny Hills Elementary School 

(800) 275-8777

US Post Office

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