Annual Meeting

To all Pine Lake Estates Home Owners Association members (by definition-Homeowners):


The annual PLE HOA meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, January 15th, 2019, in the library at Sunny Hills Elementary School.  The agenda will consist of the following:


1.      Introduction of Board Members attending

2.      President’s Report

3.      Treasurer’s presentation of the 2018 financial review/2019 proposed budget

4.      Vote on the following:

•   Election of two board members (Lon Wiese and Laurel Caponigro) that took positions of departing board members which occurred since the last annual HOA meeting, and election of a new board member to replace Dick Armstrong as his term is expiring.


•   Vote to increase the HOA annual dues by 20% from $300 to $360.  The Board has been able to hold dues steady for several years, However, the Board now recommends this increase for some of the following reasons:


•   There is a need to establish a maintenance reserve:  In 2018 we recognized that a number of trees on Tract C (property owned by PLE) needed to be cut down as they are a physical hazard to nearby homes and a potential liability to the HOA.  This unexpected expense of nearly $7,000 to remove 10 trees is a strain on our existing funds

•   The neighborhood and our common areas are aging and we have a number of known future maintenance issues, such as    Additional trees within Tract C that will need to be removed to protect homes, common area landscape that will need to be replaced beyond regular maintenance, signage and entry arbors that will need major repairs, and an aging irrigation system that will need extensive maintenance.

•   Anticipated inflation as our vendors raise prices.


5.  Solicit volunteers for the standing committees of ACC, Landscape and Social


6.  Any old business


7.  New business


8.  Pine Lake Estates HOA website updates and features


All members are encouraged to attend but if unavailable, please send the attached proxy to me or an authorized substitute (fill in their name on the proxy) who will be present at the meeting to act as your proxy for voting.  There is only one vote per household.  We are voting on increasing the dues so make sure your vote and opinion count.

Proxy Form

Announcement & Proxy PDFs


Announcement & Proxy PDFs

Notice letter, Proxy and Budget

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